SIMD - usa page

Duplex multi channel framing camera, up to 32 images without creating shading or parallax. Up to 1 billion frames per second.

Highly accurate timing and fully flexible intensified CCD sensors provide almost infinite control over interframe time, gain and exposure to capture even the most difficult ultra-fast phenomena.

Comprehensive triggering adjustment and a wide range of output signals are controlled using the custom software package which also includes measurement and image enhancement functions.

The SIMD has an optional port for the addition of a high-speed video camera to allow longer duration and simultaneous image capture. The Duplex camera configuration allows the number of images captured to be twice the number of channels.


All SIM cameras can be configured to give up to 16 different multi-spectral images with an R. G and B filter on each channel. In this configuration it is possible to take 10 colour images and 2 monochrome.